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Minox MD80 20-60x80 and MD60 12-40x60 spotting scope with the MR2-S Reticle Review


This review was completed by competitive shooter Sol Friesen, Solomonf8 on CGN and @canadian_shooter on Instagram



When I was looking to upgrade my rifle scope and spotting scope for precision rifle shooting I came across Minox’s tactical line of optics and ended up purchasing a Minox ZP5 5-25 riflescope and a Minox MD60 12-40 spotter. Minox is an optics company out of Wetzlar, Germany. My criteria when searching was top of the line glass, reliability, and a FFP MIL reticle for both. I had been shooting in MOA previously and wanted to switch from MOA to MILs purely on the fact that most of the people I shot with were shooting in MILs. After reading countless reviews and researching these products endlessly, as most of us do when forking out thousands of dollars, I decided on the Minox ZP5 5-25x56 MR4 rifle scope. I couldn’t find any reviews on the MD-80 or 60 spotting scope. So I was taking a chance with the MD spotting scope but with so many positive things being said about the ZP5 line and the spotter having all the features I wanted I thought I’d give it a shot. (As this review is about the MD spotter I won’t say too much about the ZP5 5-25x56 MR4 rifle scope other than after owning a NF ATACR and a Vortex Razor Gen II that it is by far my favorite scope I have owned.)



Packaging is not a huge concern of mine but it is nice opening a box that resembles the quality of the product inside of it. Which in my opinion Minox does very well. Included in the box of the MD60/80 Spotter is a signed inspection card, an instruction manual with an explanation of the spotter’s adjustments and specs and, a lens cleaning cloth. Both spotters come with a tightly fitted case that is on the spotter when you receive it. The case seems to be very well built and thought out. Even with the case off, the scope feels very well protected as the scopes metal housing is completely covered with a rubberized coating. Also included on the objective of the spotter is a hard flip up cover and a rubber cap for the ocular. The tripod connection on the bottom of the scope is 1/4”. Overall the scope has a very quality feel to it and the fit and finish is excellent. (Link at end of review of other specs.)

The controls of the Minox spotters are really nice. The focus, magnification, and reticle focus rings are all extremely smooth when turning but stiff enough that they won’t move on their own. They are also made of metal by the feel of them. The magnification ring could be a little less stiff but I feel with more use it will be perfect. As a side note, I plan on marking the reticle focus ring with kind of a zero so I can quickly adjust it back after others have adjusted it to their eye. Also, I did notice that if you’re required to turn the reticle focus ring too far out the case won’t zip past it.



Having owned and used multiple high end rifle scopes and spotters from Leupold, Vortex, Nightforce and, Swarovski prior to the Minox MD80/60 I think the glass is very good. I know glass is subjective and I’m far from an expert on glass and have not done a ton of “glassing” with it but I would compare it to my Razor but with more contrast. In my opinion it is better than the Leupold but not as good as the Swarovski. That being said, the Swarovski is double if not triple the price of the scopes we’re talking about here. So far I’ve only had it out shooting steel to 800m and seeing hits through mirage was not a problem. I have no doubts that it will perform as I need it too past 1000m.



One of the main reasons I chose this spotting scope was because of the FFP MIL reticle and it is my favorite part of the scope. The MR2-S reticle is easily readable at the lowest magnification and is not too thick at its highest. For those of you who require a good ranging reticle it is perfect and has a separate MIL and AQRAS ranging scale. I also like that the top half of the scope does not have a reticle as to not obstruct your view completely. Having a reticle when spotting is awesome for making accurate corrections and takes a lot of the guess work out of the equation. Also, it makes spotting a lot more enjoyable.



In the end, after having both spotters for a few months I have decided to keep the MD60 12-40x60. It is much more compact than the MD80 and I do not think I require the 60x mag for my type of shooting. The MD80 retails for $1850.00 CDN and the MD60 $1580.00 CDN. Thanks for reading!

All of my Minox scopes were purchased through Tom at Go Big Tactical. Tom is awesome to deal with and goes above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with the products he sells. He also heavily supports the shooting community at shooting competitions across Canada and has a 10% Military discount on all his products.

Minox MD80 & 60 Technical Specs

Go Big Tactical Online store


Photos were taken with LG G4 late afternoon with overcast.